Projects Built

Corey T Mayweather

Founder of Decentralized Market Makers with SpecieCircle. Founder of NFT markets with MetaMinter & AstroWorld DeFi.


Programming Languages i've built with!

Python, R, C++, C#, Javascript(React and NextJS), Solidity


Project Progress Updates

Blockchain Data Science; built in Python and R. SpecieCircle; ERC20 Smart contracts, using Javascript, HTML, CSS, Solidity. MetaMinter; NFT smart contracts.

Clear Communication

Fast, Innovative, Detail Oriented

Easy to work with on teams.


Data Science

Web Development

Portfolio of Blockchain Markets Made by Corey T. Mayweather

SpecieCircle, MetaMinter, AstroWorld, More Blockchain Products coming soon..
Corey T Mayweather: SpeciCircle
Specie Circle

A Web3 ShopMaker made by the Specie DAO. Issue token rewards & NFTs with each of your item's purchase. Create Your Brand's Community here.

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Corey T Mayweather: metaminter
Meta Minter

Coming Soon...

Coming soon..

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