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Corey T Mayweather — Journey to SpecieCircle V2 — Timed Escrow & Refund accounts

Timed Escrow & Refunds allow purchasers the comfort of purchasing an item, waiting until it’s confirmed and arrived, and then releasing the funds to the shop and minting the token reward, governance token, or NFT to the purchaser.

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Corey T Mayweather — Creating SpecieCircle V2

I wanted to start this journey of documenting my progress of building SpecieCircle. SpecieCircle is a manifestation of my ideals: a protocol that produces community-governed goods and services with circulating value.

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Specie Corey T Mayweather

Corey T Mayweather — Specie, An Impermanent Loss Solution Framework

Implementing Interconnected Liquidity Pools will allow dynamic logic use cases across the DEX market.

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About Me

Web Designer, Critical Thinker, Friend

Corey T Mayweather (born February 27, 1995) is an American entrepreneur and web developer known for his work in the Web3 space. He is the founder of SpecieCircle, a Web3 Shop Maker operating on Ethereum-based blockchains.
He displayed an early interest in technology and blockchain, leading him to pursue a career in the Web3 space. Mayweather attended the University of Houston Downtown but dropped out to focus on his passion for developing in the Web3 field.
Mayweather's career in the Web3 space began with his involvement in eBitcoin LLC. eBitcoin played a crucial role in the development of batch transfer smart contract tooling. This innovative approach gained significant attention and led to the eBitcoin Foundation team's successful exit, with each coin reaching $1, resulting in a $21 million exit for the foundation. Subsequently, Corey T Mayweather became contracted to build web development for eBitcoin LLC.
In 2020, Corey T Mayweather served as a data science intern at Edge 196, focusing on web design for their website. During this period, he conducted research on various ERC proposals for security tokens, expanding his knowledge and expertise in the field.
In 2021, Corey T Mayweather collaborated with AstroWorld DeFi, contributing to the development of their website and smart contracts. This experience deepened his understanding of smart contracts and the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
Inspired by the historical significance of the Specie Circular by Andrew Jackson, Corey T Mayweather went on to establish SpecieCircle. The platform aims to create a Decentralized Commodities shop native to the internet. Mayweather calls it a Web3 Shopmaker for short. Drawing parallels to the Specie Circular's approach to combating inflation caused by land speculation in the past. Corey T Mayweather envisions a future where new stablecoins will arise. That will be born out of the new generation of decentralized markets created from SpecieCircle, and become a viable part in battling inflation.


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Portfolio of Blockchain Markets Made by Corey T. Mayweather

SpecieCircle, MetaMinter, AstroWorld, More Blockchain Products coming soon..
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Specie Circle

A Web3 ShopMaker made by the Specie DAO. Issue token rewards & NFTs with each of your item's purchase. Create Your Brand's Community here.

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